The Volante Museum

A look back through the years

2012 — how volante started

Volante Design started by going viral. In October of 2012 David designed a jacket he called the Kenway (which you can see in the images above, along with one of the first photos of David's hoodie designs posted online). I photographed it and picked out the fabric, and he put it on our then rudimentary website. We put up 100 units in stock, planning for each to be custom made, one at a time. We joked about selling 20, which was, honestly, more than we expected to sell! That isn't what happened, however: the site broke and we sold 132 at $345 per piece in 4.5 hours. It was the most money that we'd ever seen. We were flooded with emails, and lots of press outlets were reaching out to us to showcase what we were doing. To say we were unprepared is a joke — it was an incredible moment. We did the best thing we could think of: we took our housemates (yes we lived with six other people) out to the Dirty Truth for a burger and a beer. The rest, as they say, is history.

Little did we know what it would take to make good on our promises. We suddenly had to figure out how to do manufacturing and how to be a company. It took 14 months to deliver the last Eagle (by then the name had changed from Kenway), and about half of the orders got moved over to a production run. It was difficult, but it was damn good to know what we were doing was exciting people — something we hope to continue doing for as long as we're able.

- Willow

Harrier & Cormac

Love the design of the Harrier? Get your hands on its current evolution, the Cormac, based on Shay Cormac from Assassin's Creed Rogue.

The Rook

No longer exclusively a custom, the Rook is now part of Volante's Champion collection, meaning you can purchase one whenever you'd like.

the Hacker

The Hacker is one of our oldest and most popular items. It's available in both men's and women's cuts, and it also comes in a variety of colors.

AH2 & AH4 Storm

The Augment Hoodie has gone through many phases and it's current, the AH4 Storm, features the same styling you love with a completely waterproof tech fabric!

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ATV & ATV v2

The Automata Vest has been updated and re-released as the Automata Vest v2. It now features three different colors and is available for purchase.

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2018 fan favorites

2018 saw the launch of many products that still remain fan favorites. Two of those are the After Image Vest and Starfleet 2364 — both of which are conveniently available in men's and womens' cuts.

hunter's garb coat & helsing

The Helsing is Volante's new (and quite similar) take on a much beloved design. It marks the Novus Noire collection's expansion to feature hunters and not just vampires.

The shogun

The Shogun is one of Volante's most ambitiously over-the-top designs to date! If you've ever wanted to own one of these pieces for yourself, now's the chance as there are still some available!

2021 fan favorites

In addition to the items above (which you can click to see their product pages), 2021 also brought new versions of some quick classics, including the Bounty Hunter Mk II and the Augment H4.

Who knows what's coming next...