Why does it matter that Volante products are made in the US?
It matters to us at Volante Design that our products are made in the United States because when we make you a promise about how ethically your jackets were made or how durable their construction is, we want to be able to check in and know that we’re keeping our end of the bargain. As a US-based company, it’s also important to us to try our best to support our communities, both local and national.

Can you sell or give me the pattern?
In short, no. Volante Design completely understands the difficulty that comes with being a student, recently graduated, unemployed, and so on. We’ve all been there. These patterns are the backbone of the whole business and without them we wouldn’t have a product. Even if you promised to only use it once for yourself and never again, we really can’t let the patterns out. Sorry. .

Why are your coats so expensive?
We strive to make a cool product, but also a very durable and functional one as well. This means we research not only the design, but source strong, comfortable fabrics and hardware as well. It’s important to us that your coat last you a long time, be constructed ethically and well, and be a functionally awesome part of your wardrobe. Attention to detail in every step of the process means that you’re getting a great, handmade product that’s worth the money you pay for it.

Can I pay in installments?
You can apply for PayPal Credit and pay over time! Click on the Paypal Credit button at the bottom of your shopping cart.  

Do things ever go on sale?
Our products do sometimes go on sale. We have put specific products and even specific color schemes on sale before. If you saw a “second” or a sample product at a convention and can’t find the same thing on our website, get in touch with us and describe it. We may still be able to make it available to you.

Do you do giveaways?
We have sold raffle tickets for store credit giveaways at some conventions and may do so again in the future. Currently, we have no plans for a regular giveaway on our social media or website, but keep your eyes peeled! It’s not out of the question in the future.

What happened to X product?
Most Volante Design products are made in finite batches, essentially as “limited editions.” We occasionally re-release products or color schemes that are popular, but we always try to bring something new to the table when we do. That could be new colors, an updated fit, or a removable hood. If you love a design and want it re-released, please let us know and we’ll consider remaking it.

Will you come to my convention?
If you think you have a convention, show, or fair near you that you believe Volante Design might be great for, email us and let us know. We’re always checking new events out and even if we can’t make it that year, we’re happy to learn more about it and maybe plan on it in the future.

Do you do exclusive products for conventions?
For some shows we have debuted products at a convention as a surprise event before putting them up on our website for everyone, but we don’t do convention exclusives in general. At a show you might see some samples of upcoming work or one-offs and special projects that our designer is trying out. Our products and prices at conventions are the same as on our website, barring differences in taxes from state to state.


Men's cuts? Women's cuts? What's the difference?
Designing around gender is complicated. We don’t aim to put people in boxes, however we have developed several specific cuts over years of working with customers and focusing on fitting their bodies as best as possible.
Our Men’s Cut is tailored to fit at your shoulders and chest, with a slimmer waist and no flaring at the hips. Our Women’s Cut features a roomier chest than our Men’s Cut as well as a flared waist to accommodate various hip sizes.
We find that our men’s cuts fit female-bodied people quite well in the shoulders and waist, but often don’t flare enough at the hips to be closed comfortably. As a result, we recommend looking for men’s cuts that feature bottom buttons or zippers that can be adjusted at the hips. Our clothes are all inclusive and tailored to body type not to gender.

What is a pre-order?
Pre-order items are products that are still being made. Sometimes when we launch a new product or color scheme, we have a few months of pre-order before a release. If you pre-order an item, you have reserved it and then it will ship out on the scheduled release date. This is different from an in-studio item which will be packaged and shipped out with no delay.

My desired color scheme is sold out. When will it become available again?
While we occasionally do re-release color schemes, Eclipse, Obsidian, Gilded Onyx and Black Garnet being particularly popular color choices, usually once a color is sold out, it is gone for good. To keep up to date on any re-released color schemes, follow us on Instagram or sign up for our mailing list.

How long will a product stay available?
We make a finite number of any given product and then sell them as long as supplies last. If you have your eye on a certain item, make sure not to wait too long! Once it’s sold out, we may not be making more.

The product I want is out of stock, will you make more?
Just like when a certain color is out of stock, when an entire product is sold out, we may not be making more. You can sign up to be notified when a product comes back in stock, but we cannot guarantee that every color and/or product will be restocked. We do occasionally re-release products or make an updated version and you should be sure to follow us to get the newest news. We recommend signing up for our mailing list to get notified about new batches of our product.


What is this made out of?
Each product page of our standard products can tell you what material your particular coat is made of. If you have a product that we no longer offer or you’re having trouble finding out the material of your coat, feel free to email us at info@volantedesign.us and we’ll give you the specifics you need.

How long will it last?
The lifespan of one of our sweatshirt products will, of course, be different than our waxed canvas or heavyweight denim products, but every Volante Design product’s lifetime can be measured in years, not in months. We stitch, topstitch, and optimize our designs not just for style but for longevity and durability.

How do I clean it?
Denim: Though we recommend that all our jackets be dry-cleaned, it is possible to spot clean your denim jacket for specific stains. Use water and a non-dyed cloth to blot out any dirt or other light stains. If you do choose to put your coat through the washing machine and dryer, it won’t break, but the jacket’s colors will likely fade or run and the design will be less “structured” overall. The color schemes with light grey or off-white especially may be stained by their accent colors. The coat may also shrink. For some of our products, like the Scavenger and Automata vests, it may be possible for you to cold wash them and hang them to dry.
Sweatshirt: Our sweatshirts can be machine washed and dried. They are pre-shrunk, so they will be unaffected by the dryer.
Wool: Our wool jackets should be dry-cleaned.
Waxed Canvas: Waxed canvas coats will resist many stains just like they resist water, but they cannot be dry cleaned or machine washed because it will strip the coat of its wax layer. Spot clean it for specific stains periodically and re-apply the wax every few years.
Augment J3 & Shinobi: The vinyl coated material used for the front lapels of the AJ3 and the shoulder armor of the Shinobi cannot be washed or dry cleaned. Hand wash only in cold water.

Can I wash and dry this coat?
Many of our jackets can be dry-cleaned. The color schemes with light grey or off-white especially may be stained in a wash cycle by their accent colors. The coat may also shrink in the dryer and become less “structured” overall. For some of our products, like the Scavenger and Automata vests, it may be possible for you to cold wash them and hang them to dry. Do not dry clean the Augment J3 or Shinobi.

Do I have to dry-clean it?
If the care and cleaning tag or the product page recommend dry-cleaning, it is the cleaning method that is safest for the color and structural integrity of your item. Make sure you are choosing a reputable dry cleaner who understands the materials. If you have a high contrast color scheme or a light color accent, make sure your dry cleaner understands that the dye could bleed if improper methods are used. If you have questions about whether your item needs to be dry-cleaned, check the materials list above and follow the directions or email us with specific inquiries.

How do I maintain my coat?
Aside from occasional cleaning, the waxed canvas coats in particular will need to be re-waxed in order to maintain their water resistance. You can purchase the wax from us if you like and we have instructional videos on how to apply it at home.

I’ve lost a button, what do I do?
If your jacket arrived damaged or missing hardware, please contact us within 30 days of delivery. We will work with you to replace or repair your item. If more time has gone by, please feel free to contact us and we will give you advice on how to proceed with your repair. We are happy to supply missing buttons if they are still in stock and many tailors and dry-cleaners local to you can reattach buttons.

My coat broke, can you fix it?
If your coat arrived broken or broke within 30 days of delivery, get in contact with us right away and we’ll work with you to fix it. If you have a mishap with it after that, let us know anyway and we will give you advice on how to have it repaired either by us or send directions on how to have someone local to you fix it.

Is it waterproof?
Our waxed canvas coats are water resistant and the Augment J3 is rain and wind resistant as well. The majority of our designs are not fully waterproofed, especially those made out of denim and canvas. Each product description will list its specific features and let you know if a coat is waterproof or not.

Have any more questions? Send us a message. We’re happy to clear anything up for you.