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volante's next chapter

the rush vest

pull ahead of the pack

starfleet 2373 vest

the captain's choice

augment j6A

just a little... unhinged

augment v4

two all new colors

Original Collections


Give your modern sense of fashion some futuristic flair with the cyberpunk-inspired Augment Collection. Combine clean lines, sharp mechanical edges, and fun pops of color for daring appeal.

Novus Noir

The Novus Noir collection takes a step back in time with a sexy style inspired by the Victorian Gothic - give it some modern day utility for a dashingly bold and daringly professional look.


The Essentials Collection distills the very core of Volante's design philosophy into a more accessible and effortless style. The Essentials Collection is easy to wear, easy to pair, and easier on the wallet.


The Ninja Collection takes inspiration from the utility of both history and contemporary Japanese garments and combines it with modern, high-tech style and accessibility.

Star Warriors

Bring the galaxy, far, far away a little closer to home with the Star Warrior collection. Re-imagined for our humble Earth, the Star Warrior collection is a Force to be reckoned with.

Licensed Collections

mass effect

star trek

assassin's creed

the lord of the rings

devil may cry

watch dogs

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ethically handmade in the u.s.

We're a small, Massachusetts based company who put ethics and accountability before anything else. We are U.S. made so we can ensure fair working conditions, and we aim to act with integrity and transparency at all times.

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designing clothing for fans, by fans

We love all things pop culture, and being fans ourselves, we seek partnerships with companies we love. In addition to our own designs, we have official partnerships with CBS, Ubisoft, Capcom, and more — our goal is to bring you clothing inspired by the things you love!

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volante design's mission is simple

We aim to provide exceptional, high-quality clothes that make you feel like a badass, and we think that nobody does that quite like Volante.

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