don't be afraid to be bold
the nero

The future of fashion isn’t always clean and minimalist. It can be dark, punk, and grungy. Don’t be afraid of being bold. There will always be those who oppose all things different but they have no power over you. Be daring. Be irreverent. Be the main character you wish to see in the world.

elegance & class
The Auditore Cape

Capes and shoulder flourishes were once the height of elegance, class, and status. They were seen in portraits of nobility and generals on horseback, and it’s time we brought them back into the modern era. Change up the 3-piece formula and make an impression with a smartly paired shoulder cape.

break stereotypes
star warrior vest

We’re tired of boring, boxy, and beige being the new norm for gender neutral fashion. You deserve to break out of the stereotypes with something classic, timeless and striking. Strike a balance between masculine and feminine or reject them both completely in an ethereal and alien way.