Take Care of Each Other

Dear Friends, 


The spread of COVID-19 has forced the hand of several large conventions into canceling or moving their events. We are in support of practicing care and making sure that we protect the elderly, and those members of our society those who might not have strong immune systems. It’s important to do our best for each other! These are the times we live in. 


At events like Emerald City Comic Con, we were counting on showing you our new work, the new products that we've been developing over the last months. We prize our interactions with you because they don't happen anywhere but in person. I suspect they’re just as important to you. 


I'm sure you've seen numerous tweets, posts, and blurbs about how small businesses have been and will be the most affected by these changes. We are no exception. We've planned our fall product lines around this spring season of conventions. We are having to figure out right now how to make up the traffic, the sales, the sharing of our brand without having all our regular shows. This is how you can help us to realize the unique, innovative, kickass products that we're dying to make for you.


We are going to try a new way to be “in person”, to show you our awesome new stuff, and answer all your questions, large and small. Join us on this adventure! We'll be streaming on Twitch Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 3-5pm and 6-8pm ET. You can also hang out with us on Discord to ask questions, get fit and style advice, and more!


Order this weekend and get free shipping and free returns on US orders! You can try two sizes on and return one afterward. If you can’t choose between two of your favorites, order both, get everyone’s opinion and send one back. Just use code ECCCUS.


It is easy to stand by your values when things are smooth. It is much harder to stand by them when they cause you extra struggle. We believe in taking care of our community, we believe in US made products, and now we need you  to believe in us so we make it through this tough time. 


Please come visit our digital con booth, share our work, wash your hands, take care of each other!


Thank you,


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