Our New Product Classification System

Designer's Workshop, Contender, Champion...what do these all mean?

The Designer’s Workshop is a place for experimentation. They are 42 piece batches that are brand spankin' new. Because of the nature of these tests, we can't say if these products are coming back. Everyone who buys a Designer’s Workshop piece will be asked to participate in a survey and we will include your comments in our product review.

The best of the Designer’s Workshop products will go on to be Contenders. Contenders will test scalability, market hunger for the product, and staying power. The Contenders will be vying for a spot in the Champion’s collection. It’s unlikely that the Contenders will look just like the Designer’s Workshop pieces. We expect to release about 5-7 of these per year in batches of approximately 100 pieces.

We have a core collection of products that are evergreen, called Champions. We endeavor to have these in stock all the time. When a Contender levels up, it may depose a Champion product. We only have 10-15 Champions. These are the most popular pieces as they have passed through the gauntlet of the Contender’s ring.

Each product is clearly identified as a Designer's Workshop, Contender, or Champion so you can understand where it is in our design and product development process.

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