New Volante Loyalty Program

New Volante Loyalty Program

We're starting off 2023 with a new Loyalty Program that includes a VIP Tier System! Here's everything you need to know:

Many of you will already be in the higher tiers come January 1st. On average, three to four prior purchases will qualify you for the Bronze tier. Your stats are determined by all of your previous purchases with us, including all online and event sales. Points and coupons will now have a time limit, but your tier progress will not change.
Starting January 1, 2023 you'll be able to see what tier you're currently at and how close you are to the next tier. 


How do I check how close I am to the next level?

Starting January 1st, 2023 you'll be able to see your progress at the bottom right of the website and in your account profile.

How are tiers calculated?

Our loyalty program uses lifetime spend to determine your tier. Your spend is calculated using the amount you're spent over the years buying from Volante Design. This includes shipping costs. Local taxes and discounts, however, do not count towards your lifetime spend.

What is the Extra Volante Anniversary Discount?

Every April we celebrate the Volante Disney anniversary. This reward means that you'll receive a special discount code for extra savings to celebrate our anniversary with us! Happy anniversary indeed!

What about people who aren't Bronze tier?

Non-Bronze Tier members will still be able to earn XP, just not at the same rate. If you're not Bronze yet don't worry, you're probably closer than you think.

How often will XP expire?

Your XP will reset every six months, but you will never lose your tier ranking progress.

If I convert my XP into a discount code will the code also expire?

Yes. Once once you redeem your XP for a discount code you will have two weeks before that code expires. Once the code expires the points and the code will be GONE, so don't convert them until you're ready to use them.

How often will the custom opportunities come up?

Diamond Tier members will have the opportunity to purchase a custom piece once a year at any point during the year. This resets January 1st of each year.

Are there limits to the custom pieces?

Yes. It must be an existing design (a design that currently exists or has been made before - David won't make a new design, but any previous design is eligible) in a size we currently offer. The fabric colors must be colors offered by the manufacturer. Diamond Tier members who are interested in purchasing a custom can email to start planning their piece. 

At Diamond Tier, can I request a custom for a friend?

It is your reward to do with as you see fit, so if you want to use it to buy a custom for someone else we won't stop you. But do keep in mind it's the only one you get that year. 

I have money spent on multiple Volante accounts, what do I do?

If you have multiple accounts with significant spend, you can reach out to to see if they can be combined for your tier ranking. Under the new loyalty program make sure to keep all your XP under one account.

Can I buy a gift card with my loyalty discount?

Nope, sorry.

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