Guide to our Kickstarter Backer Survey

Thank you for backing the Operator System on Kickstarter! We've just opened our backer survey on our site. You have received an email with a link to complete your survey.

Selections MUST be finalized by 11:59pm ET on Friday, June 18th. We will not be able to accommodate any changes after this date.

When you follow the link in your email, you'll see the survey welcome page to start.

The app guides you through every step of the process! First, you'll see the reward you pledged for and will confirm your color choice. If you backed the Custom Stack, hit 'More Detail' for a link to a Google Form where you can choose your colors from the available fabrics.

Next you'll have the option to choose your add-ons. You can add Full Stacks, individual pieces of the Operator System, and core Volante Design products we think will look great with your new bags.
When you reach the end of the add-on selection process and hit Next, you'll get a pop-up asking if you want available add-ons to ship ahead for an additional fee. Only add-ons that are non-Operator System items are available to ship ahead for US customers only. Rewards and Operator System add-ons cannot ship until October--we have to make them first!
You will next see a pop-up reminder that your base shipping fee paid through Kickstarter is already accounted for. Any additional shipping charges in checkout will account for your final location and weight. 
If you haven't chosen any add-ons, this is what your checkout screen will look like:
Your Kickstarter pledge amount is applied as a discount to the reward item in your order. This person only needs to checkout for an additional $5 shipping fee.

If you have chosen add-ons and want available pieces to ship ahead, this is what your checkout screen will look like:
This person will receive their Hacker shipped ahead, while their reward and add-on Operator Bag will ship in October. Since the weight differs more from their original reward, the additional shipping fee is higher.

Got any questions? Reach out to us at for assistance!

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