An episode at PAX East: Wherein great photos are stolen — oh and also $2500 of equipment

An episode at PAX East: Wherein great photos are stolen — oh and also $2500 of equipment

Another great year at PAX East is in the books! We love to be on our home turf. We love the flashy new game demos, hyped nerds, and cool merch. We also get to see our local customers and friends! 

What follows, however, is a sob story about a gorgeous set of photos, some well loved camera gear, and a pair of glasses. Follow this up with one launch gone awry and a whole lot of looking under coats, and you can get an idea of the experience!

It was a gray Thursday afternoon on the first day of PAX. The day was fading and the show was winding down. Jeremiah grabbed his camera bag and the samples to head down to Fan Pier. Patrick, wearing his scully cap, met him at the pier next to the Barking Crab. The courthouse docks were relatively empty. As Jeremiah looked through the lens and checked the photos on the camera, he knew that this was a good shoot. The Corvo Vest was looking right and Patrick was modeling his ass off. Even the graffiti and rust on the bridge seemed to be in just the right spot to frame it all out. The shoot took a little over an hour, and Jeremiah and Patrick headed back to PAX to help close up the booth. 

The day was a success, and our intrepid team went to the French Quarter for dinner and margaritas. A good day, a good shoot, a good meal, and a strong start to PAX behind him, Jeremiah reviewed a few photos for socials and took some low-quality screen captures to send to Qi. Viewable at the top of this post, they are the only evidence that remains...

Friday was an uneventful day, but someone must have been watching. Jeremiah, Leslie, Qi, Patrick, and Ellen went through the metal detectors where bags were checked and badges were reviewed. 

On the very next day, around 1:30pm as Jeremiah checked for his bag securely stashed with the others under the racks, it was decidedly missing… 

He waited for a lull in the traffic and then began turning out the booth. Where could it have gotten misplaced? After looking under all the coats (there were over 200 in the booth this year at PAX), he gave the camera up for stolen, reported it to PAX officials, and began the inquiry for a lost/stolen item. 

Ultimately this story doesn’t have a fun ending. The camera, its cool photos, and Jeremiah’s glasses all got swiped by some opportunistic person at PAX. He rescheduled and re-shot, and we still managing to successfully launch the Corvo, but damn. This is a big setback and a tough loss for Jeremiah.

Nevertheless, we will persist and find a way to move forward with our plans for new shoots, new content, and awesome new products. We're still excited and hopeful for the rest of our event season and getting to see even more wonderful people that help us remember why it's all worth it. There are always more good people than bad, and we know so many good people!


- Willow

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