Haori [Custom]


Made to Order


Some things in life ask you to slow down, consider their creation, and allow yourself to be centered. The Haori is one of these. Minimalist and elegantly simple in design, this robe allows you all the soft comfort of a cardigan and all the noble structure of a jacket. Its inception considers the past and the present at once by fusing sleekness and old-style functionality. Wear it over any shirt to add a finely designed not to any outfit, whether you're going to meetings, pursuing art projects, going out or just staying in.

Every Haori is made one-at-a-time in our home studio, each one getting the singular attention and skilled hands of a craftsman. No two will be exactly alike. 

 Haori is an open style of kimono.



  • Handmade at the Volante Design studio
  • Two-tone coloring
  • Open closure
  • Two outer pockets
  • Side vents, allowing for increased mobility