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Impress friend and foe alike with this modern take on the classic morning coat.  It suits any occasion that calls for class and a dramatic, well-appointed look.


Production takes 6-8 weeks to complete and then your order ships! All custom work is done in-house, which means we can guarantee completion times. Once out of stock, we will reopen orders for new custom Harriers as soon as the older orders are complete. Keep an eye on this page and our blog for updates! Please be aware that it is not always possible to get the exact color requested. We cannot guarantee a perfect match to the color you chose, but we will do our utmost. If we have any trouble finding your chosen color, we will contact you and try to find a mutually agreeable solution. Thanks for your understanding.


  • Constructed with light and durable 100% cotton
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Two inside buttons that securely hold the jacket when closed
  • Multiple closure options
  • Silver and brass buttons with an antique finish


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Money Well Spent!!!

I had a custom Harrier MK II made before the Harrier was now set on custom orders back in 2017. One of the best decisions I've made! I always hesitated in the past, mainly because of money. But once I was able to save up for a coat of my own, I went for the Harrier. Its lightweight, its comfortable, and its super warm in the winter. *Or at least what Arizona classifies as winter*. Since I've owned it, its completely held up! Minus one button but that was my fault, plus it added character! I do plan on saving up for others in the future!

Volante Design

Hi Ike! You can always request we send you a replacement button if you lose one, just email us at info@volantedesign.us.


so nice i bought it twice

i bought both the harrier and the harrier mk2 before they went to "custom only" status, and i'm glad i did. my original harrier is in the blue and red color scheme(similar to arno dorian), i paired it with the tan colored pinion caplet for some added style. the mk2 is in the gilded onyx color scheme, a personal favourite from the volante palette. they are both comfortable and extremely stylish, the rider tails are easy to live with if you are unused to long coats. the button closure adds some variety for open and closed looks, and the mk2 has the removable hood with the tall collar, another unique feature i find very appealing. the cuffs also have a unique shape that works well on it's own, and also with the talons. though this is a long coat, i would still consider this a mid-weight option compared to some heavier volante coats, the eagle and demon killer for instance. i still wear both coats and can think of no better endorsement than that fact that i did buy it twice for my own personal collection.


I recently received my Harrier

I recently received my Harrier MK2, and I have to say that I am absolutely stunned by the quality of what I received. I had originally wanted it in Devil's Fury, but as popular as it was, It ended up being sold out. I ended up ordering it in the Gilded Hunter scheme and I am now glad I did! The coat is beautifully put together and the color scheme is much more subtle and regal in contrast to the wine red of the Devil's fury. It fit me like a glove and is quite light and airy in comparison to the toughness and weight of the Run 1 Eagle I had previously purchased. I was certainly not disappointed and will recommend this coat to anyone even vaguely interested. The one and only concern I have is with the strength of the thread holding the buttons, as I intend to wear this coat on a daily basis.


I recently received this jacket

I recently received this jacket several weeks ago and I am very impressed with it. I've previously owned the original Harrier before this and the Harrier Mk II is definitely a huge improvement over the latter. The jacket feels alot more comfortable and easier to move around in compared to other jackets like the Eagle (which I own as well). The material is very light but very durable as well. I ordered mine in devil's fury and the color is very eye catching. This jacket is worth every dollar and I most definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an Assassin's Creed inspired jacket.


Once this coat came in

Once this coat came in the mail, I violently opened the box. I was amazed by how well the coat appears. I picked the obsidian color scheme because it'll match pretty much any other color I would wear with it. Antique Silver buttons, strong fabric, many options to wear the coat and it seems like it's bullet proof (won't test that). I can't stop wearing it, and wherever I go I get compliments on it. You will stand out a lot wearing it in public, but the attention is envy or positivity. The knock offs I've seen people wear at cons and such do not, I repeat, do not even come close to how this jacket looks and feels. This is far, far beyond what I've seen! I feel like a protagonist in a video game while wearing this. The coat isn't TOO warm so it won't over heat you, but it'll keep you warm in colder climates. The wild doesn't stand a chance against this coat. I chose this over the Eagle because it's more subtle looking and this coat isn't as too, standing out-ish.Totally worth picking up if you like a classy, fancy assassin look.