How do custom products work?
Our custom jackets are the best way to get a one-of-a-kind version of our jacket designs that fit your exact measurements. You start with whatever base design you prefer. You can select custom fabric, thread, and hardware colors, change the hood, waistband, and sleeve designs, as well as select custom sizing and fits to get a one of a kind product. Think of them as a modular, build-it-yourself system! After ordering, we’ll contact you with a sizing form to fill out and our design team will work with you to get the jacket you imagined.Then the pattern is printed, cut out of fabric, sewn, and shipped to you.

How do I measure myself?
Our sizing form will guide you through the measuring process with photos. If you have questions, you can always ask us. Please double-check your measurements, asking a friend or tailor to assist you if needed. If you submit incorrect measurements to us and your custom jacket does not fit, you will be responsible for paying to have it remade or altered.

What’s the difference between made to order and bespoke?
Made-to-order jackets take base elements from a design we already have, one where the pattern is ready to go and we know how it’s going to go together. Bespoke is the process of designing something completely from scratch. This is much more time consuming but yields a one of a kind product. Mostly when we talk about custom, we are talking about a made-to-order garment.

How long will my custom order take?
Making a custom coat is a multi-step process. After you place an order, we work with you to make sure that the sizing and colors are to your liking. We estimate that the process will take 6-8 weeks from the confirmation of your desired details. The time frame may vary depending on the complexity of your design and availability of materials. Please note that our working time frame of your order is also dependent on you. We will need to have all the info on fabric, sizing, and other design choices before we can start working on your pattern and making your jacket.

Why are custom jackets so expensive compared to the regular jackets?
The price difference between a standard jacket and a custom one exists because the custom jacket is created by many members of the Volante design team, optimized for your specific needs and desires, cut out individually, and sewn individually. Sometimes non-standard colors and hardware can also cost more as well.

What is the difference between standard and custom?
A custom jacket is made-in-studio and all the specific hardware, colors, fabrics, fit, and extras that you want are added in. Your custom jacket is designed to fit your individual measurements. They’re cut and sewn individually and then shipped directly to you. A standard jacket is made in a larger batch in our preset range of sizes. All the details, hardware, and colors on those are already set, usually in 2-4 color schemes.

What is the enhanced mobility option?
Enhanced mobility is intended for people who want to have a custom fitted coat but also want to have a greater range of motion than the cut of that jacket normally allows. This would be ideal for freerunning, parkour, or any other sporting activities where you need the fullest range of motion. You’ll have more room in the armhole and sleeve area with this option selected.

What is an extraordinary detail?
The extraordinary detail is a custom option that we offer allowing you to let us add a small, one-of-a-kind detail to your custom coat. What we add is at our discretion, but might include detail fabrics, or even a very small leather addition. What you may receive depends on your coat's design and existing details, but it will guarantee that your coat is even more special.

Can a custom jacket be ordered in leather?
For the foreseeable future, we will be working only in textile goods. A coat made entirely of leather would be almost double the sale price in materials alone and would require us to have entirely different hardware and machines. An alternative would be waxed canvas, which is water resistant and has a nice aging look over time like leather does.

Do you offer custom embroidery?
At this time, we do not offer custom embroidery on our standard or custom jackets. We do hope to add this as an option when we are able.

Can I get a swatch of fabric so that I know what color my jacket will be?
Yes. If you’ve already ordered your custom coat, but want to have an exact idea of the color and texture of the fabric we suggested, we can ship you a swatch.

Can I have a standard piece, but…?
Absolutely. We’re happy to make you a piece that is one of our products with your own twist on a certain detail or color. Even if that change is minimal, however, that would still be a custom product and subject to the custom product pricing scheme and timeline. We would give it the same individual attention and time that we give all our custom products. If you have an idea that’s not listed on our website, contact us with your description to get a price quote.

Can you make X custom?
The short answer is yes, we probably can. For custom projects that aren’t based on our modular made-to-order scheme, the design process is even more intensive as we make sure that we have your vision right. Designing an item from the ground up is an intensive process, so the timeline and price may be somewhat different for a “super-custom.” Contact us to get a price quote for your super-custom ideas.

Do you make replicas?
While Volante Design focuses on translating the style, aesthetic, and feel of our inspirations into wearable, updated streetwear, we can make replicas of costumes as custom products. Just like a “super-custom,” a replica would be a time- and cost-intensive custom product.

What is the difference between a replica and a redesign?
Drawing our inspiration from heroes and villains of comic books, video games, and stories of all kinds, Volante Design designs and redesigns characters to create a fusion of modern and historical, to fuse specific details with wearability and functionality. A replica would be an exact, accurate recreation of a particular costume, while our redesigns are a wearable homage to a character, time period, or aesthetic.