Donate to help us make masks for COVID-19

Donate to help others - purchase if you need one yourself

Note: You must hit purchase to receive a mask for yourself. donations are separate from orders. a donation will help us make masks to donate, you will not receive a mask for yourself.

Dear Vanguard,

These are the times when we have to look out for one another. Being able to make something has never been as important. We are ready to help. We have shifted our production towards making masks to support the hospital workers in areas where they are short and anyone else who is in need.

We are offering our masks for as little as humanly possible because we know they're a crucial protection for many. David & Willow will donate their labor for free to lower the costs to start. If this donation drive is successful, we'll be calling in our staff to assist and paying them for their labor. 

We will send bulk orders out to hospitals as we receive the funding to do so. We're using this Google spreadsheet database to direct our efforts. We know these are not n-95 medical grade masks and are focusing on sending them to locations specifically requesting cloth masks. Our masks are made of a waterproof nylon or water proof treated cotton outer and a soft cotton lining. They have an inner pocket that can hold a filter (filter not included.) They can be washed in hot water or with bleach, machine or by hand.

If you need a mask for yourself or want to gift one to someone you know, you can purchase individual masks. We've put in place a sliding scale, so that you can pay whatever you think is right. If you are in a strong position to help others, consider donating more. We will be able to give away a lot more masks because of you and your generosity.

If you're in a tight spot and you really need a mask for whatever reason, please reach out to us. We will send you one for free.

Hopefully, human grace will make this equation work for us and for those who need help.

If we can cover the basic costs of production, we will be happy. We are here to give our time, our facilities, whatever materials we have. We care deeply about you, our community, far and wide. We believe that if we all rise to this occasion, we will come out of this stronger and wiser.

Will you rise to the occasion? Give what you can.

Thank you,
Volante Design

Note: Our original production estimate of $2.11 was a little too optimistic! We've updated the graphic below as of 3/27 based on our actual output after a full day of mask making.

Donate $4.11 = 1 mask
Donate $41.10 = 10 masks
Donate $205.50 = 50 masks
Or donate any amount of your choosing. Every little bit helps!