Do you have character? Contest winners

Dear Volante Community,

We were flooded with exceptional character contest entries! There were amazing drawings, wonderful short and long stories, DnD character sheets that leapt off the page and a few videos! Thank you all for sharing your unique spark with us. It was so much fun to get to review all the submissions. We will just have to do this again.

It was soooo hard to chose the winners!!! You are all amazing and different. In the end we just went with our hearts and chose the characters we most urgently wanted to know more about.

The winner was Angelica Daley. She won because her character was so well thought out. It was immediately clear to us what kind of person she was, not just what she would wear, or what her vocation was, but how she jokes, what it might be like to interact with her, a little bit of backstory. Each element made sense and fit together, she was witty, charming, and odd in the best way.

The second place goes to the makers of Paddy Whitlaw. Their animation was both minimal and rich in detail. They told a wonderful story, which we will be following as it goes forward. We were blown away by the voice of the storyteller. We can't wait to see how Paddy Whitlaw changes time. The story, however, overshadowed him as an individual at many points. He is a wonderful entry point into the world they're creating.

Third place goes to the maker of Azimuth. The voice of the character came through in the narrative and gave nuance to the drawing. Noble and stoic to the end, Azimuth would make a good contribution to any DnD campaign.

Honorable mention goes to Abreshmina Ahd Elin. We were impressed by the descriptions and ideas! Keep it up, everyone!

David & Willow Volante

Angelica Daley By ann marie burke

Paddy Whitlaw by Alex Brennan-Dent

Azimuth by James Strathern

Abreshmina Ahd Elin by C Gott


Do you have character?

A volante design character creation contest

We all want to feel like the main character in our very own adventure. Now is your chance with our Do You Have Character? contest! Design your own original character for a chance at the grand prize to bring a piece of your character to life, Volante-style.

the prizes

GRAND PRIZE - We will create a custom, one-of-a-kind piece based on a element of your character's design.*

SECOND PRIZE - We'll put your original character on our 2020 convention postcard! Your character design will make the round at conventions across the country, credited to you.**

THIRD PRIZE - David will sketch his version of your original character and send it to you.


Step 1: Create your own original character. What do they look like? What skills do they have? What's their backstory?

If you need inspiration, check out our character quiz below to get some ideas!

Step 2: Convey your original character to us. You can submit artwork, collage, a character sheet, a written description, a short story, photos of an original cosplay, a video, and any other creative way you can think of to showcase your character design to us. If your entry is a visual medium, please include a few sentences describing your character concept.

Step 3: Upload your entry via the button after the quiz, and make sure you are subscribed to our mailing list below!

judging criteria

Your entry will be judged based on the following criteria:

40% Originality
30% Execution
25% Character Development
5% Wow Factor

The judging team consists of David Volante, Willow Volante, and a special guest judge from Critical Role. All entries will be handed off to the judging team blindly, ie with no name or identifying information of the entrant attached.




1. I can't make the Google Form work! What should I do?
Please email us for assistance, If we can't help you troubleshoot the form, we can accept your entry in another way.

2. Are you going to make products from my original design and sell them? That's not cool!
We are not going to use your submissions to create new products for Volante Design. The only uses of the submissions will be to promote the contest, share the winner, and for the prizes as stated. The only product to be created will be the custom, OOAK piece for the grand prize winner--which is provided free to them alone as their prize. For the other two prizes and sharing of entries, all sharing of work will be attributed to the entrant using the name/business name provided. Our goal is to connect with you and spread some creative spirit. 

3. Do I need to live in the US to enter?
International submissions are welcome!

4. What if I've already shown artwork of my original character online, or used the character sheet in a campaign?
Your entry does not need to be created specifically for this contest. Using an existing character is awesome, as long as it's your original creation. Your entry does not need to be secret or never seen before.

5. I have another question not answered here.
Send us an email for help! We're

RULES & terms

1. Contest is entirely hosted and managed by Volante Design. Critical Role is not responsible for the contest terms, judging decisions, prizes, or outcome.

2. You must be subscribed to our mailing list at the time the winners are decided to be eligible. Contest ends October 31, 2019 at 11:59pm ET. Winners will be picked on or by November 8, 2019, and notified via email. If email is not responded to within 72 hours, a new winner will be chosen. Please use an email address you regularly check to enter this contest.

3. Character submitted must be your original design and may not contain any copyrighted characters, logos, artwork, or other copyrighted materials from other franchises or creative works. We want to see your original creations. Please do not submit characters based upon existing characters, real people, storylines, or creative work by Volante Design or Critical Role. If you are submitting a photo as your entry and it has a photographer's watermark, please leave the watermark on the photo--that does not count as a logo or copyrighted material for our purposes.

4. All submissions remain the property of the entrant. By entering, you grant Volante Design the right to share your entry on their website, social media channels, in email marketing, and for all other promotional uses for this contest. Your name provided at entry will be credited alongside any usage of your creative work.

5. One entry per person. Additional entries submitted by the same person will be disqualified and only the first submitted entry will be valid. Entry must be uploaded through the Google Form linked above, with a limit of 1mb file size.

*Custom piece created for the Grand Prize winner will be chosen at Volante Design's discretion.
**Credit on our 2020 convention postcard will be by full name, your brand/business name, or chosen alias, to be determined at the winner's discretion.