augment yourself

I’m a long time fan of the cyberpunk genre but its sartorial stylings feel very much of a time. The way our tech has differed from what we thought it would be makes the styling even harder to nail down. Is it 80’s nostalgia? Is it raver or industrial goth? Perhaps it's more like what we wear today only enhanced. Augmented you might say. Cyberpunk may be many different things but the Augmented line nails it as tomorrow’s look today. The line feels grounded in reality and practicality. I can wear it on the street and not feel like I’m in some fantastical costume yet still have eyes on me, almost as if peripherally. It’s real world clothing with a little something extra to make it pop. The silhouettes are classic but the lines are crisp and modern. It looks like tomorrow and is as familiar as yesteryear. When I want to make a statement without screaming it all I do is Augment myself and let the details do the talking.

- juan f. leiva, customer