Chuunin [Mens]


Mens [see the women's cut]


The Chunnin is for game changers. You might be Luke infiltrating Jabba’s palace to rescue Han, Bowie about to step onstage and wow the audience, a rebel with a cause working to get things done, or someone whose identity just can’t fit into a box. In this jacket, you make your own rules. 

A powerful mix of minimalism and tacticality, the Chunnin breaks molds. The simple elegance of fabric and cut artfully harmonizes with the rugged practicality of the magnetic motorcycle buckles. Whether you need to be as noble as a powerful Daimyo or as revolutionary as the great icons of our time - in the Chunnin, no one will doubt that you’re playing for keeps.

Chuunin means mid-level officer.



  • Cotton with stretch cotton accents
  • Minimalist stand-up collar
  • Tactical two buckle closure
  • Two outer and one inner pocket
  • Stretch cuffs
  • Hanging loop
  • Made in the USA
  • Dry clean only



  • Dark Side - Black with red accents and red thread
  • Light Side - Sand with taupe accents and tan thread
  • Blackout - Black with black accents and black thread