Assassin Recruit

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There’s no greater glory than fighting to find the perfect hoodie. Introducing the new Assassin Recruit! This high quality hoodie is made of durable materials, and is designed to last for a lifetime. It’s easy to throw on and take action. Wear it as you enter the ranks of Hidden Ones and begin your training to change the world. Embark on your journey in the Assassin Recruit.  

The Assassin Recruit will shrink about 2% on first wash. Measurements in size chart are after the hoodie has shrunk.

© 2021 Ubisoft Entertainment. All rights reserved. Assassin’s Creed, Ubisoft and the Ubisoft logo are registered or unregistered trademarks of Ubisoft Entertainment in the U.S. and/or other countries.

Ade is 6'1" and wearing Assassin White in size 41
Cenk is 5'8" and wearing Assassin White & Wetlands Ebony in size 45
Cem is 5'9" and wearing Wetlands Ebony in size 49


  • 100% cotton sweatshirt fleece with twill accents
  • Assassin's Creed crest symbol embroidered on back
  • Signature Assassin beak on hood
  • Made for motion
  • Two external pockets
  • Made in the USA
  • Machine wash & dry on warm
  • Comes with a certificate of authenticity



  • Assassin White - Silver with red accents and red thread
  • Wetlands Ebony - Black with red accents and red thread
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A Volante Design Customer
Hazel W.
United States United States

The Definitive Assassin Jacket

I'm going to start off by saying I am absolutely blown away by this jacket. I was a little apprehensive before ordering due to the high price when compared to other themed hoodies but I can firmly say that it was well worth every penny. For starters, the design is distinctly Assassin's Creed without being a cosplay jacket or branded with annoying logos that distract from the overall aesthetic. Aside from the tag inside of the jacket, the only thing that says this is specifically Assassin's Creed is the small logo on the back. When the hood is down it covers said logo which does away with the branding entirely, making it a rather appealing hoodie on its own. Secondly, the hood itself is by all accounts perfect. Having owned several Assassin's Creed hoodies in the past, I can say that the hood is the most critical part for me. There are several beaked hoodies on the market that fall short of the iconic assassin look, many either being too floppy or misshapen. Many of the hoods themselves are oversized on top of that and many fall victim to have a pronounced pointed top which by all accounts are undesirable. I can say without a doubt that this hood is the best I've owned. Not only is it appropriately sized, but the beak itself is perfect from all angles on top of keeping its shape at all times. Even when running or jogging the hood stays atop your head without falling back. This the definitive beaked hooded jacket. Finally, the construction and sizing are leagues above the rest as well. I was a little worried with how it would fit at first do my ******* and rather petite frame, but the sizing guide remedied all of my worries. Most unisex hoodies are either too baggy or restricting on girls but the sizing tools gives you plenty of options to get the best fit you desire! Not only do they have copious sizes to account for anyone's body type, but there's also a chart that shows how it will fit according to your measurements as well as the cut you want too. After entering my measurements and opting for a slimmer cut, the tools provided give you a recommended size as well show you how exactly how loose or tight the jacket will be. In the end I purchased a size 35 and couldn't be any happier! Not only does it fit my body comfortably but the materials themselves are high quality as well. It's well insulated but doesn't burn you up, it's breathable but wind doesn't cut through it, and the stitching is practically perfect. In conclusion, this will be the sole jacket I recommend to those looking for that perfect Assassin's Creed jacket. For me this hits the mark in every single aspect and I am beyond happy with this product. It's subtle yet distinctly Assassin's Creed, comfortable to wear in most weather conditions, and an extraordinarily high quality product. This hoodie has completely won me over to the Volante brand and I will definitely be buying from them in the future.

United States United States

Size 37

I am very pleased (as always) with this sweatshirt. The hood is nice and deep, the zipper is bigger and made to work, and the pockets are deep enough to hold a Galaxy phone without worry of it toppling out with every step. Sizing wise, I am a 5'8 female, and I consider my build athletic- broad shoulders and long arms. I wear a 37 or 39 in their women's cut of other jackets. The sleeve length is perfect for me. The fit of sweatshirt body is snug, but not too tight. The details are phenomenal. I love the use of different types of fabric! I also love the long cuffs! Keeps your sleeves from dragging in everything.

Paislee K.
Canada Canada

Perfect Hoodie

The good is large enough to disappear into, the cuffs hug my wrists comfortably, and are long enough where most sweaters fall short, the pockets are roomy enough for stuff and hands, and the fabric is of a tight enough weave to cut the wind down.

Ruoxi Y.
Canada Canada

Best Assassin hoodie ever

This hoodie is amazing--the attention to detail is very impressive, and the materials are clearly high quality. Shrinkage is pretty much exactly as described, and the hood has a nice shape to it too. While it is indeed quite expensive for a hoodie, it is also the best hoodie in my wardrobe (and certainly my best Assassin hoodie), with a perfect balance between distinctiveness and practicality.

Ryan M.
United States United States

Not AN Assassin Hoodie, THE Assassin Hoodie

Make no mistake, this is not just AN Assassin hoodie, this is THE Assassin hoodie. Just like the Initiate and all of Volante Design's other Assassin garb, the Recruit aces making you look and feel like an Assassin while being an excellent light-weight, durable hoodie. In terms of build and quality, the Recruit is (as expected) similar to the old Jackdaw. I myself have at least one Jackdaw from each of its releases and they are ALL still just as badass as they were the day I opened the package. They never ripped or tore and they fit just as well as they did from the get go. The oldest Jackdaw I have is 7 years old now, and I expect the Recruit to serve me just as well into the future! In terms of being THE Assassin hoodie, everything is permit- I mean... everything is put together perfectly. The crest (God I love to see it on there, it makes me so happy for you guys) is embroidered beautifully. The silver color of Assassin White is also perfect. It's an off-white that drives home that classic Assassin color scheme while not making dust or dirt too obvious should you have to make a quick getaway from a Templar agent or two. Finally, the hood. I assure you, there is no one - NO ONE - who makes a better Assassin hood. From how it flows to how much fabric is available to hide your face with the beak, the hood is executed flawlessly. David, you perfected it all the way back with the Kenway, but somehow you and your team just keep making it better and better! TL;DR: Best Assassin hoodie EVER. - Fabric is durable, fit will remain the same. - Hoodie will last years. - Allows you to flawlessly hide in plain sight. - Eagles will screech for you when you jump off of things.