This is a preorder product. Production was in progress and has been halted due to the current health situation with COVID-19. We will provide a shipping date estimate once our factories have reopened—we anticipate products will ship shortly after travel and work restrictions are lifted.

Womens cut/ Uniifit

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Be the master of the desert, blend into the shifting sands. Sneak up on your enemies at high noon with no one of them the wiser. You may be a war captain riding on your own fury road or a lone traveler traversing the sands of time. Whatever your journey, you need to be prepared. The Mochizuki bundle will have you covered. The Chunnin Crop protects and armors you without restricting your movement or overheating, the Ninja Shirt’s flexibility and breathability as a base layer allows you to make lightning-fast responses, the Kage Pant’s rugged material and movement-based fit mean you can jump into any vehicle, and the Rugged Eternal Scarf protects you from above. Nothing will stop you now.