The Demon Killer

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Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an amateur slayer, the Demon Killer is an ideal choice for vanquishing nightmares with style.  It is constructed with a denim outer body, satin sleeve and pocket lining, and a tall, protective collar; making it a tough, lasting piece of gear that keeps the body cool while you work an acrobatic sweat.  As a nod to the mobility required in the business of demon hunting, zipper cuffs and a sophisticated body design allow for a wide range of movement in the lower body, arms, and wrists. This design was first previewed almost a year ago with a sketch.  It took a long time for the sketch to make the transition from a draft to a production-worthy pattern, but now the Volante Design crew is excited to present this as ready for purchase.  Get yours today, and dare demons to challenge you… if they can keep up.

Color Schemes:

  • Devil’s Fury – rich crimson body with black accents and silver-grey thread
  • Mercenary – black body with crimson accents and silver-grey thread
  • Eclipse – black body and accents with silver-grey thread
  • Fractured Onyx – black body with navy accents and silver thread


  •  Zippered cuffs on each arm
  • Two inside pockets
  • Tall collar 100% cotton denim
  • Made in the USA

** Photos marked prototype do not feature the final fabric colors we will be using for production. Additionally, early prototypes of this design included a hood, but it has been omitted from the final design for a cleaner look and feel.

Additional information

Weight 4.00 lbs


Imperial Sizing:

Measurement Guide (Women’s): 31(2XS) 33(XS) 35(S) 37(M) 39(L) 41(XL) 43(2XL) 45(3XL)
Chest 31 in. 33 in. 35 in. 37 in. 39 in. 41 in. 43 in. 45 in.
Underbust 25 in. 28 in. 30 in. 32 in. 34 in. 36 in. 38 in. 40 in.
Waist 23.5 in. 25.5 in. 27.5 in. 29.5 in. 31.5 in. 33 in. 35.5 in. 37 in.
Hip 33 in. 35 in. 37 in. 39 in. 41 in. 43 in. 45 in. 47 in.


Measurement Guide (Men’s): 35(2XS) 37(XS) 39(S) 41(M) 43(L) 45(XL) 47(2XL) 49(3XL)
Chest 35 in. 37 in. 39 in. 41 in. 43 in. 45 in. 47 in. 49 in.
Waist 29 in. 31 in. 33 in. 35 in. 37 in. 40 in. 42 in. 44 in.
Hip 32.5 in. 34.5 in. 36.5 in. 38 in. 40 in. 42 in. 44 in. 46 in.

Metric Sizing:

Measurement Guide (Women’s): 31(2XS) 33(XS) 35(S) 37(M) 39(L) 41(XL) 43(2XL) 45(3XL)
Chest 79 cm 84 cm 89 cm 94 cm 99 cm 104 cm 109 cm 114.5 cm
Underbust 63.5 cm 71 cm 76.2 cm 81 cm 86.5 cm 91.5 cm 96.5 cm 101.5 cm
Waist 60 cm 65 cm 70 cm 75 cm 80 cm 84 cm 90 cm 94 cm
Hip 84 cm 89 cm 94 cm 99 cm 104 cm 109 cm 114.5 cm 119.5 cm


Measurement Guide (Men’s): 35(2XS) 37(XS) 39(S) 41(M) 43(L) 45(XL) 47(2XL) 49(3XL)
Chest 89 cm 94 cm 99 cm 104 cm 109 cm 114.5 cm 119.5 cm 124.5 cm
Waist 73.5 cm 79 cm 84 cm 89 cm 94 cm 101.5 cm 107 cm 112 cm
Hip 82.5 cm 87.5 cm 93 cm 96.5 cm 101.5 cm 107 cm 112 cm 117 cm

3 reviews for The Demon Killer

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I attained my Mercenary Demon Killer at no monetary cost, it was purchased through time worked at the DragonCon Booth.


    The pictures here do not come close to doing this jacket justice. Its beauty comes out best in motion, and still imagery cannot capture that. The custom red they use on this is a simply beautiful crimson, more like the color of a dark red rose than the images would make it seem.

    The design itself I heard criticized as “Too plain”, but that could not be further from the truth. The unique cuffs immediately draw the eye, (even more so in the mercenary color, as the cuffs are crimson), and the “straight” cut itself is slightly curved in any size, giving any body type’s chest and stomach a slimmed down look.

    The back of the jacket is, to the untrained eye, simple. Upon further inspection it becomes apparent that there are many individual pieces of fabric sewn at a slight overlap, giving even the back of the garment a rigid, commanding appearance.

    The interior is definitely the most under appreciated part for many. Absolutely massive internal pockets, the sleeves are SATIN LINED. Satin lining ain’t cheap. It feels absolutely wonderful. The handpockets on the front are also lined with satin.

    The collar, when laid flat, gives a formal, business like appearance, and is reminiscent of the winter trench coats commonly seen depicted in Noir films. The overall construction of the jacket makes it feel like a fortress, and I can think of no Jacket better suited for keeping the cold out.

    +++ Built like a tank on the outside, a mansion on the inside

    ++ Slimming for all body types

    + Unique Color

    + Enormous Pockets

    + Commanding appearance

    — High Price (for excellent quality nonetheless)

    – Unsuited to warmer climates

    – May scare easily startled people.

    Overall – Worth the cost if you can afford it. The jacket should last you years.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    This is a truly amazing coat. I ordered my Demon Killer in medium, and in the eclipse color scheme. At first the fit was a bit snug around the chest, but wearing for a few days has removed that issue entirely. Whether or not constant wear broke the jacket in, or I just got used to it – I’m not sure. But the main point being that my initial concerns are no longer an issue.

    The coat as pictured looks a little plain, but for me that perception is most likely based on seeing the Demon Killer in a vacuum or compared to other products on the webstore. Seeing it on yourself or on someone else is an entirely different matter. I have received a lot of complements and surprised looks from complete strangers, all of which attest to the visual impact of the coat. Trust me, it stands out.

    Finally I feel obligated to point out the interior quality of the coat is excellent. While it is not readily visible in any of the images, it is lined internally with a different material making it comfortable and durable.

    All in all, a solid investment. It is less flashy than other coats and jackets offered by the Volante Designs webstore, but still bold enough to make a statement.

  3. Rated 4 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I purchased this jacket last October and wanted to wait a few months before I wrote my review.
    Pros: After 4 months of wearing it nearly every day it has held up fantastically. The quality of the material is great. Oddly enough the zippers stood out for me as they move very smoothly. The inner material is soft and comfortable against the skin. The pockets and sleeves are satin lined and feel great. The outer denim is very durable and looks great, especially if you are into denim. It looks nearly identically to the picture so you know what you are getting. Even the stitching is identical. When I needed to have the jacket exchange they were quick, courteous, and helpful which is a huge plus.
    Con’s: The colors are much more muted then they appear in the pictures. The red is darker then it looks which was a little disappointing. This is really my main complaint as it does not set the black off as much as I had hoped. The jacket is cut like a suit jacket which means it constricts movement in the same fashion, especially across the shoulders. I sent my first one back as I just could not move comfortably in it. I ordered a medium the second time and while it does give me more movement across my shoulders and chest it does not hug my waist and sides as well. I am 6ft and thin for a guy and even I needed more shoulder space. Two of the pockets, in both jackets, were torn inside as well. I was initially going to wait until I had it cleaned before I wrote my review but decided against the wait. While trying to remove a little dust with a wash cloth I noticed a lot of dye coming off. To the point where i can see where the spot I cleaned it. The jacket did not stain or dye anything I touched when I purchased it but I am now afraid to have it cleaned because I am not sure how much the color will fade or if it will be splotchy.

    As an overall purchase I am quite happy with it and plan on shopping here again. However, given the price I feel that being picky is justified and there are just a few too many small things for me to give it 5 stars.

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